Can API call another API with a value from the first?

Hello everybody.
I recently discovered Adalo and I like it very much.

I would like to use Adalo to make a soccer app.
I found an API that gives me this information.
Always the same data provider has others, one of these is the one that provides the lines up.

They are two separate APIs: the first gives me an ID for each game and with this ID I would like to call the second passing it the ID so as to have the initial formations.

Can I call a second API with a value passed from the first?


Hi Stecas,

Yes, the ID retrieved from the first API call (via Custom Action) can be used in the second.

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Wow this is perfect :laughing:
Could you point me to a tutorial or a link where it is explained so I can do it?

Thanks theadaloguy

These are the Adalo docs for using custom actions.

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If I understand correctly, I must have a paid Adalo plan, right?

Yes! But if you are new to Adalo ( if this is your first app ) then Adalo offers a 14 days trial to test Custom Actions, External collections. And after 14 days trial you can’t use the custom actions that you made,the external collections that you connected until you Upgrade to a Paid Plan.

Good luck with your app!