Can I change currency [symbol] DYNAMICALLY in Adalo (and code-signing question)?

I know its possible to have different currencies represented and you can choose these in the properties panel of the widget/field.

But what if my user is looking at the app in dollars $ and wants to suddenly change the currency into Euros €. Is it possible to change the currency and the currency symbol dynamically?

Also, does my app need to be “code signed”? I.e. with Windows software, exe installers etc., need to have a legitimate digital signature, otherwise they’ll trigger the anti-virus warning screen “unknown publisher”. Is it the same with Android/iPhone apps - do I need a signature?

You could have a currency collection, with currency name, currency symbol, currency conversion factor. The last one being what you multiply USD by to get to that currency. Have a relationship between user and currency (a user can have one currency, a currency can have many users).

Then imagine there is a product with a price. Set up the price as (logged in user > currency > symbol)(FORMULA- product price x logged in user>currency>conversion factor).

There are different ways to look at it, but that is one option.


@theadaloguy thanks, that makes sense.

Do you have an opinion on my second question about an Android/iPhone app needing to be digitally signed before it can be published on the app / Play store ?

(e.g. in Windows if an installer or .exe is not signed, then when the user tries to install, they get a warning thats its not from a trusted source)

On the second issue I’m not really familiar with the issue. When publishing I just followed the Adalo docs, I dont know the topic in much detail

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