In-app purchase dynamic pricing

Hi - has anyone worked out a way to use the digital purchases component for in-app purchases but to display the price in a dynamic way based on the users location. i.e. when a user is America sees the $ amount (that matches Apples pricing) and someone in the UK sees the £ amount (that matches Apple’s pricing).

Any help would be great as currently I have one price hardcoded.

Hi Ben,

I haven’t done this yet but I’m assuming prices are stored in a database in a set currency, say USD.

I would guess you would have another database or a custom action with a list of recent currency exchange rates.

Then you could use geolocation or user preferences to choose location (and location can tie to currency).

Then shown price would just be USD set rate x forex rate for local currency.

You might want some more database fields in there to keep track of sale exchange rate, sold currency and sold rate.

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Just adding a API ( you can search more API’s ) beside for the great post by Barrett that I found which may help here!

This API returns the currency symbol that you can run this as a custom action after signup on another screen and creating a property on the users collection and store the symbol there and then in the text component you can add that property and then add the price without currency formatting.

You can use the Location features to get the user’s location and then you can access that location > country and you can add that value in the custom action.

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