Can i create event booking app using Adalo?

this is my question to you guys, anyone of you has made any event booking, dating or meeting app?

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Yes u can ! i have some apps of booking!

@Santiago Hi … Can you present these apps? It will be easier for me to get some basic idea.

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Hey there @bagginstyrone & @M_Azeem_Shaikh

Here is Adalo’s free “Appointment” cloneable app template: Clone Appointments App to Jumpstart Your No Code App


Sure i send u some videos
The reservation apps vary according to what type of apps you want to do.

If it is events, it is a form with the name and description of the event with a start and end date input … that will be seen in an events calendar

if it is reservations by schedules, another app system must be created

If it is a gym shifts app, you create a shift that says name, start and end day and time, number of quotas then when the user makes a reservation the quota is updated - 1 and when it reaches 0 quotas it can no longer be reserved .

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Thanks, @Santiago. These videos are quite useful and understanding for me. I just love your work.

Thanks bro… soon we will be seeing the templates… in Spanish and English

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