Booking App Template

Would anyone have a booking app template I could have ? I’m trying to learn how to build apps using Adalo. Thanks in advance

Hi @styles3000,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

This template can help you! : Clone Appointments App to Jumpstart Your No Code App

And tagging @JL_LJ too that he can share his booking apps too! :wink:

If you are new I suggest to check the Adalo Docs and start your Adalo journey by creating a simple app ( notes app , to do app etc ) to understand how Adalo works and start creating this app and if you face any issues that you have no idea to fix it then here’s the best place to ask it!

Thank you

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Thank you so much and God Bless You.

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Greetings again. Please inform Mr @JL_LJ to get in touch with me in regards to his booking application. Thanks again

I believe have to upgrade to the premium membership to clone these templates . Whenever I try to clone the screen just loads and never clones at all.

Welcome to the community @styles3000!

You can also find some really cool templates in Adalo Templates & Adalo Clonables category.

Please do check the wonderful apps our makers have built with Adalo here: Adalo | Showcase as well as examples of what you can build with Adalo here: Adalo | Make In Adalo.

I highly encourage you to check out the newly launched Adalo App Academy that can help you navigate through all phases of building a successful business! Also do take a look at that little “Adalo Bubble” at the bottom of your editor and as the amazing @dilon_perera mentioned, our Adalo | Help Docs.

Looking forward to your continued success this year!

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