Can I make an application that will convert images and audio file to video?

Hi guys, I’m new to the whole No Code thing, I’m eager to learn and have a few ideas.

I would like to know if it is possible in Adalo to create a web application that will be similar to Studio D-ID?

For example, should I upload an image and an audio file that would be converted into a video file?

Thank you for your replies, have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, you can use Adalo to build the website, manage users and upload the required files, but the actual work of converting into a video is something that you need a 3rd party service to do, or build your own code to do that

Thank you, Mohmdfawzi, for your response. I appreciate it. I’m new to the world of No Code applications and eager to learn. Could you please provide more insights on how I can connect with third-party services or integrate my own code for file-to-video conversion? Is it possible to do this with free plans, or would I need a budget? Thank you, and have a great and successful day.

you can use something called “Custom Action” where your Adalo app connect to other API services to do some external work, you can explore this area, and it is available starting from the “Professional” subscription

or building a “custom component” using React code, also need to explore this area if you can code or have someone to code for you

or build an external application that will grab the files through API and do the work

personally not sure which one will work, but these are the starting points that I can think about

have a great day and best of luck with your no-code journey

Adalo will build the front end where the user uploads and submits the file but the conversion will take place using an external service, either a paid-for API, or make your own hosted service that does the conversion using something like FFMPEG.