Can i see preview of both mobile and pc version at the same time?

im building a PC web.

i know i can see mobile version when i open the web.
but it’s very hard to design considering both device.
is there any better way to see both version or optimization of screens while building the web?

I’m not sure what you are asking. Can you try rephrasing your question?

This is how I am interpreting it. You are building a web app. But you want to be able to easily see what it looks like on mobile during preview?

You’ve definitely described it confusingly. It would be best if you paraphrase your question.

If I understand your question, then that’s easy to accomplish if you work with multiple monitors.

Use one monitor to have the preview of the mobile app, and on the other monitor, you work on the web version.

If you only have one monitor, then it would need to be a wide one to comfortably split it between the preview and the work you are doing on the web version.

Does that address your question?

I believe this is what you’re looking for right here @thoma1

Responsively App.

This will show you how the web app will look across different devices/browser sizes simultaneously.

For example: