How to get App to show NOT in the mobile viewer

I have an app build that I most often use through a desktop web browser (I have it published through Of course this makes it come in the mobile viewing screen with the QR code, etc

Is there anyway to make it appear as a normal web page in browser and not with the mobile viewing screen?


Hey, when you select Native Mobile App when you create an App it will always show in the Mobile Frame in the Previewer/Share Screen. So, the only way to make this a “Desktop” type App that fills the screen you will need to Create a Desktop Web App. You can create a Desktop Web App that shares the same databse as your Native App. When you create a new App select “Advanced Options” on the last step, and select the App database you want the Desktop App to Share with. This will mean you need to “rebuild” the app for Desktop.

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Got it, thank you.

Seems like there should be a way around this

Yes, I agree. I think this will all come as part of the Web App improvements in the future.

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In Chrome you can right click the phone preview frame, ‘view frame source’ then delete “view-source:” from the front of the URL.
The layout will be funky (lots of stretched buttons and components) but adjust the window size in the browser to bring it close together.

In Firefox right click > show frame > show only this frame.

But yeah - easier porting to webapps would be a huge +ve.

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