Can I track whether or not a user has referred my app?

I want to allow my users to earn points by referring the app to others, and then award more points if the referred person registers as a new user.

One way would be to ask users to enter an email address in a form and then hit a SEND button to email a link to the new person. I think the. referral part of that is easy to track.

But what if the referring user just shows a QR code to the new person? Can Adalo record that?

Any other suggestions for ways to do this?

One way you can do this is to create a unique referral code for every user in your app, and you specify this in your referral programme rules, that users can refer to the app, but they have to include their unique referral code.

You can do this as well from the app, allowing users to send emails to referrals and automatically including that referral code in the email message.

Then, you update your sign up process to include an optional field for referral code. So when someone registers with a referral code, you take that and match it against the user that has that code.

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