Referral System

Hello guys,

I recorded a video, quick tutorial on how referrals can be done with Adalo using PWA deep linking.

Using PWA allows users to create and add their referral users without installing the app, it will be useful in Adalo2.0, users can share urls via whatsapp, emails, status, stories etc…

The url can be used to generate QR codes too,

Here’s the video:

The components can be found here


Great video to show how to use your component!

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Cool video. Can you show us how to setup a tracking system in the app similar to my picture for this.

Why do you use a countdown of 0 seconds to do those actions instead of just adding those actions to ‘when visiting this page?’

Action when visiting screen can be triggered multiple time depending on what components you have on the screen, for example change input value can retrigger it, or the toggle, so for that reason I don’t use it. Also, I want the user data to be sent to the login screen, so I need the action to be triggered from the list itself.

Makes sense, thank you for your reply!