Can I use days for bookings, without using the calendar?

Hi guys. I’m making a barbershop booking app, where a barber adds their shop to the app by filling out all of their shop’s details, then customers (with a different UI, separated at login) are able to book the barbershops that are listed, sorted by location and services etc.

Upon signup, the barber selects which days their shop is open, and then which time slots are available within these days.

With the default Adalo calendar, the user is unable to select timeslots, and there is limited capability when trying to integrate it into an app that offers appointments, based on the service being booked. For this reason, I am attempting to create a booking system using the data and actions, without the need of using Adalo’s very basic calendar feature.

I now have an app where barbers can select their opening days, slots offered on said days, and the customer can view these days, then book the timeslots that the barber previously listed, which then shows the booked slot as being unavailable for other customers to book until the appointment has been completed. It works pretty well and I want to keep this interface if possible.

At present, the only thing stopping this app from being fully functional is the days/dates that can be booked.

As you will see below, at the moment, a barber just selects whether they are open on each day of the week and, if they are, that day then becomes an “Open Day” connected to the barbershop. “Open Days” are what the customers see when booking an appointment with that specific shop.

You get the idea, the appointment is booked based on the timeslots and day selected by the customer, which then appears under the barber’s login with an appointment for e.g Monday between 10:00-12:00.

The issue is, I can’t just have Monday-Sunday as days to book, as these hold no real connection to the current date or time. If someone’s booking an appointment, there is no date reference to the day, it’s literally just names of each day of the week, with no time stamp, no “Today, Tomorrow” etc.

I would love to be able to have the barber select which days their shop is open, then the days appear to the customer depending on the current day of the week. For example, if it’s Tuesday, the days to show the next 7 days from Tuesday to book. Not just a generic list of each weekday as this is impractical and won’t work for appointments.

Any advice will be hugely appreciated, I would be willing to pay the user who solves this issue for me :joy:

Thanks in advance, I’m praying I get a response!

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Was there any advice on this? Haven’t got a response yet :frowning: I hope I don’t have to move my app to a different platform as it’s so close to being fit for purpose, just need to work out adding dates to the shop’s opening days.

I have achieved similar by having a collection of Dates and Times ‘Timeslots’
The barber can choose which Timeslots to offer.
Copy Timeslot to collection ‘AvailableTimeslots’ with relationship to ‘barber’ and relationship to ‘customer’

Customer chooses from their chosen barber ‘AvailableTimeslots’. Toggle that slot as Available=False.

Need more help, you can DM me for some paid support and I can help you set it up in app.

@Flawless had a template on offer too.

Hey @Rozza , thanks for the response!

I understand this method, it’s just not as good for the user experience as the barber needs to manually enter every single timeslot that they’ll be offering, which is time consuming and monotonous.

I would like the barber to be able to select the days that they are open and select the time slots that they offer, and then refresh their timeslots each week/fortnight. I’ve gotten pretty far with this concept in my app, just can’t find a way to present a list of the next two weeks on a rolling basis for bookings to be made and managed if that makes sense.

Here’s a video with voiceover to give you some more context:

If you do think there would be a workaround, I would gladly pay for your time, this is frying my brain trying to work it out :joy:

I helped one of my customers over a mentoring session to customize my booking template to go based on the day of the week (Sunday, Monday, etc) rather than each day individually (Sept 14th, Sept 15th, etc)

So what I did is created a new collection called “Days of the week” and added the 7 records. Then add timeslots to the days of the week. Added another collection called “Days Closed” to have the shop closed on specific days (like holidays).

If you want some assistance with it, feel free to reach out to me and we can jump on a mentoring session together. You can book a session here:

self-promo: for anyone willing to either share a template or solve it, feel free to sell your solution on so that people watching this in the future can also buy it from you!

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