Calendar with time Intervals/slots

I am fairly new to ADALO, so wondering if there is an option of setting a calendar to use as a booking app but where the business can choose the interval like:

11h30 or 11h15 and so on. Currently, in Adalo you have all minutes available which will damage the UX and confuse users.

Thank you very much.

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We do not currently have a calendar component, but it will be available next month. There are ways to do scheduling, but it does take a bit more work.


Hi Ashley,
This is great, I don’t mind waiting if it next month if you mean during August, I will design the app in the meanwhile around it.

I thought as a workaround using airtable and the Date/time as the available timeslots instead of a real calendar and when the booking is done, that timeslot just disappears. If you have any other suggestions, they are also welcome.

Just a few more days and it will be doable in the marketplace (August 4th).

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