Do I have to use a rectangle behind a group of elements?

When I create a group of elements, do I have to put them all inside a rectangle?

For example, can I group a toggle and a text box without using a rectangle?

What purpose does the rectangle serve in a group?

Are there good reasons why I should use a rectangle?

And, while I’m on the subject, can I group items that are separated by other items? For example, can I group text box A and text box C, but not include text box B in the group?

You don’t have to use a rectangle.

Yes, you can group just the elements together.

The main purpose is for alignment. Many people take a rectangle and make it transparent so that it holds the pixel alignment with all other objects.

Rectangles align with the grid better.

You can, not sure why you would, but that shouldn’t be an issue. May cause alignment issues if they have visibility conditions, but it’s just something you would have to play with in design.

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Thanks for your quick response.

I ask this because sometimes the rectangle actually interferes with alignment. The default text box is 19 px in height. If I have several lines of text, all equally spaced, this is visually appealing. But if one of those lines has a toggle, and I group the toggle and the text box with an invisible rectangle, the rectangle must be a few pixels taller, and the line will be spaced a little differently. That’s all.

I almost always use rectangles, but this situation made me ask the question. Thanks so much!

Yeah alignment is so finicky with Adalo, ESPECIALLY if you ever work in a webapp, it’s really rough there.

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