Can someone help fix this

The drop down menu at first is on the empty selection. Then when I change it it updates the list. Then the next item updates the next item. If I leave it on that selected item and go back one page then back into the selection page the drop down menu breaks and no selections are found in the list below. If I go back a page then back to the list it populates the new selected item in the list. It was working fine on the last test flight update and nothing has changed. Now it’s broken. It’s been working 17 updates on iOS now it’s busted. I copied and pasted the logic to a web app and it works fine.

Video below

… help. It’s not working right still

Can you share some screenshots or a video of how this is set up in the builder?

The weird thing is it has been working great up until 2 weeks ago. I even rolled back on test flight and it works fine on a November 2020 build! Its just a drop down list of categories. and a list of subjects that have a category name that must match the drop down category names. If you can test it on my previewer it will work the first time you go into it but if you go back a screen then try again its broken!

I was taking a look at this but it was working fine for me

Were you able to resolve the issue already?

It’s on the your profile part. Where you select what you teach or know. Your user has to be tutor true in the database.

There is certainly some strange behaviour there. I will need some time to investigate this further to try and establish some possible causes for this. It may take a while to reproduce this and find the issue.

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how’s it going. any update?

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