Dropdown problem

Hello, I have a problem, when I put the dropdwons in the title I put Choose Subject and when I enter the app the subjects appear directly, that is, that started to happen now

When I open to load the content, the PLACEHOLDERS do not appear, they appear blank or with the first name of the collection (so the system does not take the one that appears alone)!


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delete the components and recreate them, or make a copy of the app

I already did it, I deleted it, I did it again, one day it works fine the next day it doesn’t, and that happened in all my apps I can’t be cloning ALL THE APPS, it’s a waste of time and information … there is always a surprise with adalo .
I still don’t have answers from the support ticket

i need help … 3 days with this problem!!! adalo please

I already clone the app, but I can’t change all the dropdowns again. I have this problem in several apps, it is a waste of time and money, we have no solutions for the support tiket

Hi @Santiago ,

Take a look at this cloneable app’s method as replacement,


Thanks right now I’m going to see it, is that in all the apps that I have dropdown they were modified

the link doesnt work

Yeah, first it happened then it came back online, now it happens again.

Probably check back for another half hour.

I check operational status, nothing said.

Hi all,

Please see here: [Adalo Status Update] Drop-down issues

Best regards, Victor.

Great, but so with modal it doesn’t work for me since the user must filter videos by SUBJECT, SCHOOL YEAR, CATEGORIES OF THAT YEAR, SUB CATEGORIES OF THAT CATEGORY AND THERE SEE THE VIDEOS. Thanks the same!

Thanks Victor as always, there I see that there are many problems with this, I hope it will be solved soon!

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Dont give up, you can make another set of input fields and then put them in filter in another modal.

Even you can have checkmark icon to show current selected.

Adalo has many ways, even to avoid unstable roads.

Yes as is, I’m working on that, the problem that I have 20 apps and in all this problem, one thing is to create for one and another to modify all again hahaha but we will continue to wait for a solution from Adalo!
Adalo is a Mind Game, that is, how can I get to the goal using various paths! and there to play!

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