Can someone let me know if this is possible in Adalo

So i got this idea. I need 2 roles, point makers and point takers. The point makers will type their address in their profile and then a point will automatically appear on a map where the point takers can book that point. I am somewhat new to all this, and it could be a huge help if anyone could tell me if this is possible. Otherwise, I need to rethink my user flow. Thanks.

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Hi @LuckyLuke,
Welcome to Adalo, will the Point Maker be able to add multiple addresses to his profile or only one?
Are all users visible? It is doable but, but you need to provide more details on the behavior mechanics:

  1. Where is the address/map displayed? In the user profile page?
  2. In a Map with other points?
  3. Can other users see all other users and maps?
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Thank you. I was contacted by one of the experts with who I have a meeting later today, but I am still very interested in your comment.

It’s going to be a two-sided app where the point makers and point takers have different versions. The map will be the main site where the point takers will be able to click on a point and then the point makers profile will pop op and you will be able to book him.

So yeah point takers will just have the option to book, but point makers will have the option to create a profile with necessary information about their whereabouts and offer.

I hope it answered some of your questions and painted the idea a bit better.

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Hi @LuckyLuke ,
Thanks for the details. You can use the multi-markers to display the different users then. Then a “Modal” screen that when clicking the marker, you will be able to see the user details and click to go to another screen to go to a booking or just book from there. You can have also a collection “booking” for capture this bookings then, associated to the users.

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