Hi) i want do a map and put there markers with user current location. And userrs can seeing another user location ? is it possible in adalo?

any help ?

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Yeah you can use a geolocation component available on

and display user’s location on a map

any instruction how to do it ?

I didn’t bother setting up the second user, instead I just grabbed my browser location and added +1 to lat an long to simulate the location of the other user.

In the video I use the geolocation component to get the users location and the overview map (called driving directions on the PF marketplace Jimmy linked) and set the driving directions alpha to 0 so the driving line is not displayed.

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In the video, I made a mistake by selecting CREATE user using the geolocation, this should have been UPDATE user

there is no lat and lon

You need to add them as properties to your user collection

Also, the geolocation does not work in preview mode. You need to click on the Share button to get your location from the component.

where did you get overview map? i have only map and it is different

some mistake

You will need to enable to Driving Directions API from google. This map is intended to show directions between two points, not just 2 markers, but the marketplace map does not use lat/long so it is easier to use this for two markers than to use the marketplace standard map and make external calls to conver to address.

Still dont work. Where i can make mistake ?

Have you set a payment method to your project?


can you try configuring the component with actual coordinate and test it in-app

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