Can we develop a custom component by multiple coders?

I shared my custom component codebase with the team members, but the members could not make the component run on the app page.

They successfully logged in Adalo via cli and npm run start looks working properly.
Did I miss some points? Is there any authorization problem?

Hi Asi,

I think you should be able to. Could you share some screenshots? Are there any errors they’re getting?

Hi James,

These are the screenshots. We don’t have any error messages.

We don’t think the component itself has any problem. Actually, we created a default component by using npx create-adalo-component mycomponent and made @adalo/cli proxy-aware by following the previous post. The default component also failed in running on the app page.

Do you have any ideas?

Is it not showing up in the private section? Also, did you follow this guide:

Also, are all your team members logged in on the same Adalo account?

Is that team member on you adalo team?

Is it not showing up in the private section?

No, it isn’t. It’s not showing up even in the development section in which custom components usually appear after npm run start.

Also, did you follow this guide:

No, we didn’t. We expect the custom component to be in the development section.

Also, are all your team members logged in on the same Adalo account?

No, they aren’t. Each member has an account.

Is that team member on you adalo team?

Yes, they are all on my adalo team.

the component doesn’t seem to appear in any if your team development section right? if so, please delete the node_modules, run yarn install and check for anything wrong in your code, that happens all the time while i develop component, check the code or the installed packages. because at it seems it has nothing to do with adalo or the team or anything but the code

Yeah, that’s the problem. When you are developing a component, the component is only going to show for the account you sign in with before npm start.

When you publish to private, each team member can have their own account.

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Can you try something? Have each of your developers working on the component go into package.json

So if you have Person1 and Person2 on your team, then Person1 goes into package.json and changes the name from defaultlib to defaultlib-person1 and Person2 changes the name from defaultlib to defaultlib-person2. Then run npx run start so that each package will be registered with a different name.

When you are ready to deploy you have 1 person rename it to defaultlib and publish. If you publish to Adalo you can only publish from 1 account, other people will get access denied trying to publish. What you can do instead is deploy it to your personal npm repository and use the personal repository in Adalo. This let’s you give many people permissions to update the package and you can control who gets to use the package. It is a lot more work to manage this way. Using 1 persons account as publisher (better in an automated pipeline as well like github actions) is easier.

Let me know if this helps


Actually even a new default custom component doesn’t show up in my development section. I’m not sure why my first custom component worked for me.

As i said, check your code, try changing some stuff and see if it appears, this kind of problem happens with me if i did anything wrong in the code, or the imported library

Okay, give me some time to give it a try.

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