Can we develop a custom component by multiple coders?

I shared my custom component codebase with the team members, but the members could not make the component run on the app page.

They successfully logged in Adalo via cli and npm run start looks working properly.
Did I miss some points? Is there any authorization problem?

Hi Asi,

I think you should be able to. Could you share some screenshots? Are there any errors they’re getting?

Hi James,

These are the screenshots. We don’t have any error messages.

We don’t think the component itself has any problem. Actually, we created a default component by using npx create-adalo-component mycomponent and made @adalo/cli proxy-aware by following the previous post. The default component also failed in running on the app page.

Do you have any ideas?

Is it not showing up in the private section? Also, did you follow this guide:

Also, are all your team members logged in on the same Adalo account?

Is that team member on you adalo team?