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It’s obviously a complicated matter ah ah ^^ Sorry to dig that old thread.
I did everything and reteiving IDs etc … works perfectly with custom actions.

But still I don’t understand the relation with the user “really canceled” with stripe function on the widget because when he does ofc nothing happen (except he cancelled).
It doesn’t update the subscription on the collection because the user never hit “that cancel button” we created.
Am I clear ?

@Flawless Any help once again ? ^^

And to adalo’s team, I don’t understand a wonderful widget to pay with stripe … and that same widget doesn’t have action when “cancelled”. ??? :rofl:

I’m stuck.
I tried a custom function with cancel subscription API : Cancel Stripe API

then added an action to an unsub button :

But that doesn’t cancel the subscription on stripe.

help :sob:

Edit : i also tried everything delete : Type Delete, Method Delete
Same result : not working.

A cancel subscription button isn’t necessarily a good idea since Adalo’s stripe component kinda has it nested in the component.

You’re correct and it’s unfortunate. Adalo did not build in functionality for when a user cancels a subscription. Seems like an easy thing to add but who knows if/when they’ll get to it.

However, there is a solution if you’re comfortable with using Make. You can set up a 3-action scenario. First, a listener to listen for Stripe subscription cancellations. Then, when a cancellation occurs, you can query the adalo api to get the user. Last, Adalo update query to update the user accordingly.

That’s what I was afraid of as an answer ^^ Thanks anyway.

I don’t understand not having this feature. it is so mendatory !

I never used make or zapier or stuff like this :confused: Won’t be complicated I guess.

Other possibility is : to unsubscribe write us an email. And we do manually (hide the stripe widget if there is a sub ID)
It works when there is 100 users. if someday there is 10000 that would become a nightmare ^^

Sure, you can do it manually but that is no fun, tedious, and gets old quickly. Make isn’t too bad. If you want some direct help integrating this, you can always book a mentoring session with me. I’ve done this a bunch of times already.

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