Stripe Cancel Subscription

So, I found the previous “stripe cancel subscription” article but that didn’t offer any help.

I’ve got to the point where my Stripe subscription works well. Users can become premium users by buying a monthly subscription. Now, I would like to create a button that allows people to end their premium subscription and return back to free user status. I’ve now spent 2 days figuring out how to do this but nothing seems to work.

Right now this is my situation:

  • I have 2 collections in Adalo; Users and Cancelled Users
  • When premium user clicks “unsub” button, a new “user” is created to cancelled users collection (it also imports email and full name)
  • I tried to build a Zap that cancels Stripe subscription when cancelled user collection gets a new entry by recognizing cancelled user’s email.

It doesn’t work, Zapier says that Stripe can’t find the user’s subscription even though I can see it clearly in the Stripe subscriptions dashboard.

Any thoughts on how this should be done? It seems such an easy task but appears to drive me nuts.

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