Cannot access my Adalo builder HELP!

So here is the thing
I cloned one of my apps, named it and removed the cloning option from the original. But I did it with low internet connection, it was laggy and took a lot of loading. So minutes after my internet was back to normal, I try to open my builder and nothing shows!!!
Im afraid that the cloned app was not saved, so now the default app in my builder is buggy therefore the problem. Can an expert help me with this? I tried clearing cache ect.

As you can see, I dont even have the option to change apps and even the avatar on the right shows an A but should be showing ID.
Screenshot 2022-06-13 130605

Please help!!!

the adalo editor has also been taking 15-30 mins to load for me recently, I had cloned/duplicated those apps many months ago…not sure what’s happening

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Bug disappeared on my end. I got so scared for a second :smiling_face_with_tear:

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