Cannot find the component in my private library

I wanted to check if I get more accurate GPS coords with Pragmaflows Geolocation component.
I downloaded it from Github, built and published it.

  COPIED LOGO: dist/logo.png
  COPIED ICON: dist/icons/GeoLocationPF.png
  COPIED ICON: dist/icons/GeoFilteredListPF.png
  COPIED ICON: dist/icons/GeoDistancePF.png

  Compressing pf-geo-location-tom
  Compressed Size 1.6 MB
  Gathering pf-geo-location-tom components
  Publishing pf-geo-location-tom@1.0.17 to Adalo. This may take a few minutes...
  Successfully published pf-geo-location-tom@1.0.17 to Adalo. 🚀

Then I added it to the Team in the developers tab:

Refreshed my browser, but still it doesn’t show up:

Am I doing something wrong?

It’s still no visible. No clue what I am doing wrong. Thanks for any advice.

Try running npx adalo login and login with your Adalo login then run npm start. If it doesn’t show in the developer section in the Adalo editor that means there’s an error in the component.

Also make sure developer mode is turned on

Hi James, thank you. I did all that, and it’s showing up in the developer section. I assigned it to the team. Still i don’t see it in the private library. :thinking:

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