Cannot get chatgpt to work at all

I simply cannot get ask chatgpt to work for the life of me , I’ve watched all the tutorials configured it every which way possible but it won’t map to my input and output box no matter what I do . When I test the API it goes through but just won’t display .

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I might be able to help. Are you using the component or a custom one. Message me privately as I’ll need to see some photos and you obviously don’t want to post your api key here

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Are you using the prebuilt custom action named as “Ask ChatGPT”? Is this the first time you setting up this cation? Could you share some screenshots?

Thank you

Yes ask chatgpt , I got it to work once, then It stopped working again . I have it setup just like the tutorial but naw it don’t want to play

There is a bug with the component that if the API key changes it does not update.

If that is the case for you, you may want to just use a custom action to call the API. You can also submit it as a bug report to Adalo.

I have the same problem. Did you managed to solve it ?

Yeah thank you I got it sorted out really you have to watch what they don’t say in the tutorial and when you see an image of the ask gpt action pause the video and make yours match theirs identical , it’s at the point they are saying “we’ve done everything for you” they most certainly have not and what they are not saying is crucial but it’s on the screen just pause it

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