Cannot GET External Collections: Error

Unsupported Content Error!
It says - Unsupported content type: text/html

Tried Setting Content-Type: application/json, application/text but no help

You may try to re-check your returned JSON syntax. I’ve been through this and at the end was just some sintax errors in the response.

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It seems that the json returned has a “[” square bracket initiating the response so it appears to be an array already. I’m not sure how our system handles that as it is not standard for a json.

Thanks Colin for the response.

It is valid JSON as far as I can see. However, the way that it is done seems a little odd in that is a List of Name/Value pairs.

What you could do is wrap the API inside an Integromat Webhook and get Integromat to reformat the JSON into something Adalo likes. Maybe.

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