"Get All" API Error for "Unsupported content type" application/vnd.api+json

Not sure why I keep getting this error. Everything else seems to work. I receive a response with all of the data, queries work, but I can’t create the collection because of the error. Here is a copy of the response. I removed some of the content to save space (I’ll put [. . .] to show removed content). I’ve tried indicating in the header to only accept application/json or text/plain but it seems the only way the data comes formatted is application/vnd.api+json.

An error occurred when calling Get All
Unsupported content type: application/vnd.api+json
URL Called:


Full Response:

“data”: [
“type”: “location”,
“id”: “E91B724C4B”,
“self”: {
“href”: “https://…”,
“methods”: [
“geoCode”: {
“latitude”: 32.782764,
“longitude”: -96.79498
“name”: “Majestic Theatre”,
“category”: “SIGHTS”,
“rank”: 100,
“tags”: [

“meta”: {
“count”: 42,
“links”: {
“self”: “98190https://…”,
“next”: “https://…&page[offset]=10&page[limit]=10”,
“last”: “https://…&page[offset]=40&page[limit]=10”,
“first”: “https://…&page[offset]=0&page[limit]=10”,
“up”: “https://…”

Same as here…

For me the solution was to declare the content-type in my webhook response

Hi all:
I am having a similar issue but my error message is related to
unsupported content type : image/png


Any help will be greatly appreciated!