Cannot UPDATE collection, only CREATE collection

Hello, I have a specific use case scenario:

I have a screen where a store owner purchases goods from a supplier. Upon completion of the purchase, a record is created in “purchase history”. However, I also want to be able to UPDATE the inventory collection I have to reflect the inventory purchased. How do I go about doing? I have done this before but cannot seem to figure out how to do it again?

The user needs to click on the item they want to update FIRST, then route them to the form. Right now, you don’t have any available data to update.

Hi Erik, thank you for your comment. Could I please ask you to explain more? If you require extra info on the specific use case, please let me know. I’ve used Adalo extensively and have done before but for some reason I cannot figure it out again.

In order to edit an item, you need to make sure that item is available and it’s unique. To phrase it a different way, Adalo needs to know which item specifically you want to edit.

Click the screen and verify the available data includes the current product. Then you can select the current product to update.

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