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Hi Everyone, I will not mark Adalo team, I know members of the time are part of the forum but I already did the correct way which is to send a ticket, but… Since this is crucial for my app I may get some help from You, the community!

The scenario is simple and I tested every variant possible to make sure it’s a bug and not my mistake:
When we create new items for an external collection it does not become available in the detail screen. It does not matter if I use a list action or on-screen load to create the item. Once I access the detail screen the item is not displayed there, even though it’s listed as available data for that specific screen. It happens for both, external user beta apps and standard apps.
Anyone has experienced the same issue and if so, found any solution for it?

Thank you all! :raised_hands: , peace!

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 15.14.55 Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 15.15.26

With the help of Adalo Support (which answer me minutes after the ticket was created), I found what I was doing wrong, so it’s not a BUG. I forgot to set up the GET ONE correctly, my all fields parameter was in the wrong position, and also the data results key was missing. So, I did not pay attention to the GET ONE config.

Thanks to Adalo Support, having them answering so quickly adds a ton of reliability to the platform. I am one of the early adopters and see Adalo getting better in areas like support makes me so much happy! :smile: :raised_hands: :star_struck:

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Hi @brunoribeiro ,

Can you elaborate about GET ONE, before and after fixing ?