Cannot Update Relationship Field

Hi all

This is driving me insane :-(. I truly can not get my head around how relationships work in Adalo and I have spent 48 hours trying to figure it out.

I have 3 collections:-

Session Skus
Production Jobs

See schema and relationships below.

I am unable to update the relationship field in Production Jobs - I just get an infinite number of options and can’t click on a field name to select it.

Should relationship fields update automatically when a new record is added to the first collection or do you have to force a field to update the relationship?

Any ideas please?



Hi Claire,

Sometimes this is really frustrating for many users when setting up their database.

I would suggest watching this video made by @pfordmedia.

Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Database Collections, Relationships, and the Infinite Menu

Have you try clicking here ?

Relationship property can be filled with collection name, not property name.

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