Relationship Not Loading in Record Update

I have a single shop > to many item relationship. Have to update the shop from the item collection.

When I try to do this the shops never load and manually entering the shop name doesn’t work either. Adding a second shop/item relationship does the same thing. Creating an entirely new item and attempting to pick the shop doesn’t work either. In all scenarios the data attempts to load and then fails.

I have 30 shop records and 6 item records. I’m unable to connect any item to any shop. (Can click on a “space” from the blank list and it will enter “untitled.”)

This is a MAJOR function that I’m missing here. :confused: @Ben @jeremy @KatelynCampbell

Hi @Eli - when Adalo loads an item in the dropdown list, it shows you the first field on the list in the collection view - is yours a text field? If not, drag a text field (usually “Name”) to the top of the list and try this again?