Update a relationship field in user collection automatically

Hello, I want to create a challenge system in my app where after x number of days, the user is automatically upgraded to the next step. How can I do that without creating lists and clicking on the list to update this relationship field is user collection? I have the user collection and the challenges collection, I want to assign to the logged in user a different challenge but without having to creates a list with the challenges. Here is a image:

(In the image, it is a update action)

Do anyone has an idea? @ashley @Colin

I’m assuming time stamp within database would be somewhere to start. Example would be create a time stamp property then create a action for however you are doing your setup and when you select the action select “whatever amount of time”

I do wish adalo let us input things instead of having a pre- populated list of whatever they think we should use

I’m sure someone has a more detailed or better answer but I just can’t stand when semi simple questions go in answered. That’s my biggest con about adalo so far. Is the support is sincerely bad

It would be great to be able to update a relationship properly as easy as we update a bolean property. I’m mean to have the full list of possibles changes while clicking on the property like the image that I have posted.

The easiest way at this time to achieve this would be to use an external service to feed that data back in to Adalo based on a time. I would advise Integromat for this.

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