Can't create a Collection from Freshdesk API

Hi there, I have been trying all day to make an integration between Adalo and Freshdesk.

I have tried to set it up for a few hours but couldn’t make it.

The Freshdesk documentation says we’d need to run the following curl commands. I’ve run them on my terminal and it works just fine (docs

When trying to configure it on Adalo External Collections I get a 401 with the following error message:

Could someone give me a light in here? I’ve tried all sorts of configurations to pass the -u parameter as mentioned in the documentation.

Thanks a lot, Rodrigo.

Looking through the forum here I found this post with a kind of related matter.

Not sure if it helps.

Hi Rodrigo,

Can you show us the API setup in Adalo?

It looks like the API base URL needs to be 

Then for the header parameter it should look like this


Then the next input will be your API key. 

Hey @James_App_Maker , sure.

Please note that I’m using the domain of the company I’m working with, instead of simply ‘domain’ in the URL.

As for the auth setup, I’ve used a header with:

  • Content-Type: application/json
  • u : my_api_key:X

When running it, I get an invalid_credentials response.

I’ve just tried running it with Name: apikey and Value: my_api_key, but still get the same error.