Can't create a rating system


I’m creating a marketplace with adalo.
I created a rating system which works well.
However, I can’t display the rating.

Indeed, the only way to go on the profile of a customer, is by clicking on its pp, in a product screen.

The problem is that the only data which is sent on the rating page, is the product data.
When i’m creating my filter on the rating screen, no data from the current user can be used. So, it’s a problem and i can’t display the rating and reviews:

Do you know how to manage this problem ?

Thanks !

Hi, you should relate the reviews to the products. Each product can have multiple reviews. So when you click on the user’s image, you will also see that reviews data for the specific user/product

Hi @Test_boutique76,

Does the problem solved with the @Eugen’s help? If not is it possible to explain this issue a bit more? How you do the rating? Is it for a product? How the collections setup-ed? ( some screenshots too )

Thank you

Hi !

Thank you for your help. After trying a couple of time, I solved the problem by deleting all the rating screens and recreate it. Apparently, there was a problem about the data on the screens.

Thanks for your help @dilon_perera and @Eugen !

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