Can't see my App in Google Play. Why?

Today my application has been tested and is available for download, BUT! Web version only. When trying to find it through the Play market application, it failed.

I also noticed the following phrase on the “Application content” tab in the Google Play console:

There are no ads in my application, at least I think so. I’ve added a couple of preview screenshots from google maps and - but without their logos. Could this be the reason? Or should I just wait?
I can check the box next to “Yes, my app contain ads”, but it seems strange to me. Have experience, can you tell me?

In the end, I found my application on the recommendation from google to enter its name through pname:

I installed it and realized why it is not in the search results - it is awful! The loaded shortcut turned out to be cropped, although it respected the size 512x512, google login does not work, the lettering on the buttons is displaced, digital purchase is not working, all the lines moved out, where I changed the text to bold - it became standard everywhere, I can’t upload a photo, an error writes. I am in shock, I do not understand how to fix this. Everything looked good in Adalo’s editor and in PWA, but now how to fix it all?

When I try to upload a photo through the form, it write the following

error opening: EACCES
(Access denied)

Hi @Ossa

The image issue above had been documented on this forum a few times, and just pushed a fix for this last week. It requires a new build to be published though. You also may need to troubleshoot some of you additional issues in apk format loaded on your phone without publishing. This is absolutely a recommended practice, as some bugs or layout concerns may only affect one platform.


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