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Good evening everyone. To pass the time in the evening I am working on a new project. It’s called Car Collector, and it’s a strategy game based on buying and selling cars (real models). I am looking for the best logic to divide the cars in the right place. Assuming every user is related to the Cars database, I got stuck at the crucial point.
When a user buys his virtual car, it is added to the Cars section of that particular user, and that’s it. But later, if the same user buys the same car, it does not add to the previous one but replaces it. No problems if the user buy a different car. How could I solve this problem ??
I thank those who will help me, and in case someone wants to participate in the project is very welcome

I am having fun! I am ofc gonna dowload the app!

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Well that’s only the beginning but thanks you :+1::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I have bought a car how do I sell it?

You can’t sell the only car you have. You Need at least 2 to start sell but actually sell, race and auctions are NOT working… Anyway you Just got a new Car :joy::slightly_smiling_face::+1: go check

HOORAY! :slight_smile:

If you have some tips It will be so nice, or even if you could fix my problem would be sooooo good

I have some tips for your game, make sure in the race thingy to explain more I had confusion on what it does, I see community marketplace is empty try making it where users selled cars appear there and user choose to buy it, or even replace or trade.

About database error , have you double check your actions?

Thank you so much , actually CAR SHOP and GARAGE are working, while RACE, BID HOUSE and others stuff I still Need to know the best way.

Yes i checked the action, When a User BUY a CAR, It should Add the car and not Replace the SAME model :unamused:. So if you buy a Second Ford Fiesta, It Will decrase the Money but will not give you the second Fiesta!!!
I Tried a walkaround. A filter on Car Shop
IF Logged in user - does not contain - Current Car…
But can’t find the right commands and can’t get It work!!!
With these stuff fixed, i can even add car upgrades… Because now if you theoretically could upgrade a Car, It will upgrade ALL the SAME models of all the users :joy: so It does not make sense

On updating all cars is it on all users or logged in users?

I update user (Logged in user)
Cars - add Current car

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