Car Collector Game Beta

Welcome to CAR COLLECTOR the Game
One of the first No-Code strategic/managerial games made entirely on Adalo.

Car Models are from 3D Car Browser
Animations from Lotties
Help and logic from friends
[All the credits will be given when published on stores]

•Be the #1 Car trader
•Manage your money CAREFULLY
•Tempt fate with Car Boxes
•Buy private cars safely
•Earn money by selling duplicated cars or by completing TASKS

If you logged in the game for the first time, you will receive 1000 dollars to start your Car Collector carreer
To do that :
Car Market - Basic Box - Buy

Preview (laggy) Car Collector Game

Here is the link where you can download the BETA of Car Collector (APK)
Note : please install always the last version (01,02,03 etc)

NOTE : as this is still in early stage, any kind of help or support is really appreciated, also if you want to contribute to develop the game you are really welcome.
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What a cool game! The design is clean and simple but looks good.

On the garage button as per my screenshot below, you might want to change the cropping of the image to ‘no cropping - show full image’

Also the buttons for Rank and for Tasks doesn’t work - I guess maybe these aren’t implemented yet.

Thank you so much ! I was planning to change the image slider, as you can see car images are cropped but i don’t find the option in editor to show the image without cropping.
Do you know if possible?

Ah ok, that might be because you are using the image slider component, I think you’re right maybe not possible there.

Maybe i’d better change with an horizontal list or avatar list, in order to show the full car not cropped.

It still works really well as it is, so your call :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :wink::+1:

I was wondering how the native apk runs on the various phones… Did you try that? Is a bit slow and laggy in my opinion

I’ve added a pretty cool hint to filter more car Tiers (categories) in one screen. Without cloning screens. This is a bit laggy and slow, but works. Should be explained better


I also added the hidden textbox logic to sell a car with limits (min/max) on the price

This is pretty cool @Eugen Question, how did you make the photo field required?

Really a nice idea … but why is it so slow? It is extremely slow in loading screens and lists.
What is your goal with this app?

What you mean for photo field?

Hi Beppe… I don’t know. Web app is very slow. Native apk is fairly better if you try. I don’t know why is so slow… Maybe i have to reduce the car images sizes

save on the db, the addresses (link) to images? or the real images?

I saved the real images because they are edited (removed background)

Sorry, when you signup, the Profile image is required and can’t be left blank. But I just realized that the fields can use an image in the form. Didn’t realize that.

Yeah i used the default form for signup. In future i will built a custom one, email will note be necessary and also you will leave image blank without error prompts.
Anyway are you testing the web app (terrible Performances) or the native apk?

Web, it’s descent on my MacBook.

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Can you do this with a chip list? Or are those individual buttons?