Case Sensitive Search is not search best practice

Search should not be case sensitive. Please consider removing this requirement. It is not recognized best practice for search; it creates user confusion.

Same topic was closed without reply a month ago: Card List search is case sensitive by @sladerose. It’s been brought up elsewhere as well.

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Can I know what is Case Sensitive Search means? :innocent:
Because @tap I don’t know about this. :neutral_face:

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That is when you have the word entered as:


and you search for


When searching it is expected to ignore any capitalization, it should find it regardless. Hope that helps.

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Oh thanks @adominicci teaching me about this Case sensitive Search.

Really Appreciated @adominicci :blush:

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Depending on point of view, I understand that this might been seen as either a bug report or a feature request. Please consider combining with @adominicci 's example and submitting it to the proper channel. Thank you.

@tap I agree. Case sensitive is an issue with simple list search function on lists. We need a toggle to enable or disable case sensitive. I’m happy though that it searches any text item that’s being pulled by dynamic text.

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Hey all!!

This fix for this just shipped today. No toggle at this time, but no longer case sensitive. Non case sensitive is by far the most common use. We may revisit that in the more distant future, but the search will behave like most users expect it to now!


Thank you. I really appreciate this.

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