Is It Possible to Remove Case Sensitivity?


I have connected my app to Google Vision - works great but I have one issue…
I compare the data obtained by Google Vision in either upper case (e.g. UTAH), or combination of upper and lower case (e.g. Utah).
The app compares this data to a list of states I have and the app shows the result that matches the Google Vision result.
However, the comparison seems to be case-sensitive - it does not show “UTAH” if I have “Utah” on the list.
Is there any chance not to make the comparison case-sensitive?
Thank you all in advance.

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Hi @kollekzioner,

Try to use “Contains” instead of “Is equal to”, this may help.
Of course you need to be aware of the “false positives” when comparing like this.

Other option - use external service (like Integromat) to convert the string to uppercase / to lowercase, and use this as comparison.
I did POC for this some time ago:


Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you so much Victor!
The solution with Integromat was the one - as this is exactly what I am using for OCR.
Your video solved the case! -))

Have a great day,

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