Center map on current user or device location

It’s my first time here, so thanks for your help because looking into the big database of this forum was already extremely useful for me ! Thanks a lot for that even dough I don’t get an answer.

My problem is simple, I searched about it, asked Bard and Chat GPT as well, there is similar threads but can’t figure this out.

I use the nice map feature, I display “activities” (cinema, restaurants etc …) that users added.
This works perfectly, it was easy to set up even custom icons.
It’s easy because I use “activities” as marker collection (multiple markers), filter : all activities.

But my probleme and I could read many of you have the same without finding a solution is that I need to center the map on the customer when they connect to it, it’s logical right ?
The thing is that the map is centered in the very middle of “all activities” currently it’s in the middle of atlantic ocean ah ah cool !

In Markers section :
Marker adress I used the magic text to get the full adress location of all activities (if I don’t do that they can’t be displayed )
i tried to add a second thing in "device’s city (or current user’s location whatever). And wonderful the map show me a nice blue point on that specific location !
But still showing the atlantic ocean when I access the map ^^

1/ If I remove the activities adresses in the marker adress : I can center on the user, but no activities are displayed (well sorry that’s not true : they are all displayed stacked at that exact same location where the user is, which looks like only 1 activity) ^^ too bad, that was my first thought and I was happy it was simple.

2/ how come something that simple is not already in adalo : there should be a slot : center the map on ?? there you choose ^^

I tested solutions i found on the forum, added a hidden input which is displaying user’s city when the screen is displayed then try to use that input on the marker adress, but result is same : no activities and it’s centered or activities and it’s not centered :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any solution for this ?
Thanks a lot for your help.