Adjust map focus

I have an app that shows the location of all nearby users on a map and it works correctly when there are users nearby, for example, I enabled the option to show the location of the logged in user and the focus of the map is on the logged in user and shows the other nearby users around. However, when there is no user nearby, the map does not show the logged in user’s location and goes to a default location as shown in the image. What do I do to fix it? I have already explored all the map options in adalo.

There was a similar thread recently. Check my recent replies if you want.

Basically, the default is Manhattan and it can’t be changed. Define a default location but it will still load Manhattan first. Adalo aware for over a year. I don’t think it is likely to change.

I understand that it is the default, but the default should only be shown if there is nothing, in my case I have it enabled to show the location of the logged in user, so the focus should not be on the logged in user

As I understand the map currently will focus only on data provided wither a single point or collection, it wont focus on the user current location
Why dont you provide the user current location to the map as input also not only ticking the “show current location”

‘Should’ doesn’t mean ‘does’

Sorry to say. The maps component lands on manhattan, don’t expect a change.