Challenges with Admob

It’s my first app using admob, so I have followed the instructions to the letter. I still ran into some challenges so I’m hoping someone can chime in.

I have published my app in google and iOS stores, but ads still do not show to me in either app. I have poured over the instructions found here, including the best practices.

First of all, I have had the hardest time connecting my store. The app has been live for days in both stores, but I was only just now able to find my Android store page in admob. It still cannot find my iOS one, evey searching by app name, my name, etc. What’s the trick? Is it normal?

Also, the last paragraph on the Adalo documentation states “Don’t forget to publish your AdMob apps once your Adalo app has been launched. If you don’t publish your apps, your app will display test ads!”

Can someone explain what this means? What does it mean to “publish an admob app”? I don’t see this in the instructions, unless it is called something else.

It takes 1 week to be shown

I confirm that it took me at least a week to fully sync and get ads on both iOS and Android.

Just give it some time and let us know if you don’t see anything after that period.

Wow. This is interesting. I’d be willing to admit if I missed this somewhere. But I’m pretty sure I never saw this little tidbit of info. I suggest this be added to the documentation if it isn’t already.

It’s over a week for me. Also I see error messages on admob site.


I am having absolutely the same issue with no ads displayed after the app was published.
One question - how does it look in your app? I mean, is it just a blank space at the place where the ad banner is supposed to be?

I could link the app today at the admob page. It’s been like 10 days since I published on the store. I think I need to build a new ver to show the ad I think. Ads are showing for the first 3 apps I made. So I think it should be okay.

Nothing shows up in the space where the ad should be. No placeholder. Just nothing.

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