Admob ads stopped showing

In my live app, the admob component has stopped showing up. It was working fine for a few weeks then just ceased to display. I did not violate any of their policies (nothing in Policy Manager in AdMob). I posted on their help forum and a reply came back asking to check a whole bunch of things - admob stopped showing ads after working OK - Google AdMob Community

What I don’t understand is - if all of these things needed to be set up then why was it working fine for weeks?

Hey Andy!

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Have you tried deleting the Admob component and re-adding it?

Hi James,

Thanks for responding :blush: I haven’t, so try removing and re-adding the component and submitting a new build? The ads have stopped showing on both my Android and iOS apps.


Yeah, exactly. If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket.

Thanks James!

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