Change Font in my Adalo App

Is there a possibility to install a font? if yes, how could I do?
Thanks in advance for the information

Not yet there’s not, although it’s a feature which is currently being worked on so hopefully it’ll be us soon.

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I hope so too, it’s absurd that you can’t save a font to the database!

Yeah, but I guess you have to choose what features to work on and which ones to push a little further down the list…
There’s an Adalo feature list somewhere and it shows that font customisation is currently being worked on, hopefully it’ll be with us shortly…

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I think the Adalo team is working on this, but I don’t think the design of an app is to be underestimated, indeed, many apps we know probably wouldn’t have been successful if they hadn’t had the design we know them with… :sleepy:

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Custom fonts will be available very soon!


Just to be clear on the situation, am I right in thinking that at the moment we can only use one font? Or am I missing a list of available fonts somewhere?

You are correct. You only have one font for now.

Are custom fonts in the roadmap anytime soon?

Probably in the next couple of months custom fonts will be available.

Colin, how soon can we expect the ability to add custom fonts. Thanks!


In Adalo’s Year in Review at the end, they state that you will be able to Change your app’s fonts with Custom Fonts from Google.

See picture below:

cant wait for IAP to be available. Hope its coming soon.

You can do this using the no coder HTML plugin as recommended here Custom Fonts | Voters | Adalo

Worth a try but not sure if it works when you publish an app as I have not tested it.