Changing list items with next button


I’m stuck with one functionality of my app and I looking help or somebody will direct me to right topic or tutorial.

My setup looks this:

I want to make things work like this:

  1. User selects Category and are linked to Home Screen.
  2. At home screen he is not see the items, he press play button and first item appear.
  3. By pressing next button he move forward through all selected items
  4. When selected items is ends the screen become empty again and user can repeat whole flow again by pressing play button.

I tried to do everything according to this Patrick tutorial Creating a Rotating Image Carousel or Gallery with Unlimited Images. Also I checked this List Next Prev example which was made from other Adalo community member. When I made Next Button list item I can’t choose Current Item, but I don’t understand why.

Maybe someone can help me to do everything correctly so that everything works the way I want?

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