Sending Data to another screen with Button

Hello, just trying to understand logic in Adalo. Is it possible to send data to another screen not via Lists but with button?

I checked this video : Working with Data in a No Code App - YouTube but at the very end he does not solve the problem, he simply delete button action and thats all.

My goal is :slight_smile: I have a screen with Finish button which sends me to new screen where i have two components - Deck Swipe and slider. Slider value should update special data line in collection when i swipe Deck right or left.

I can achieve it by making custom list on new screen with loaded database and having both components in the list… But that solution is not good - cause if there are many cards - my list is growing vertically for no reason… If i limit it to 1 - it will only work with one card.

Is it possible to achieve this idea without lists? Just Button that leads to new screen and sending collection data to this screen and then i just simply work with it. Manual add data is not working as well it simply not saves what i want and not giving this screen access to data.

What am i doing wrong with buttons?

UPD: My Deck Swipe takes data from collection, but slide only see Logged Users and not other collections :frowning: And is it possible to unite slider and deck swipe together - so they work on one data entry without using lists?

And another question: is it possible to limit field for Simple Lists or Custom lists with scrolling?

The best way to do this is by creating a single component list and add a button in that list.

Make a button, then press the 3 dots on the settings and click ‘make list’

Reduce the size of the list so that it is the size of the button:

image image

Select the list, choose what you want it to be a list of and add any filters you want, then make sure the maximum number of items is set to 1.


Now select your button and add an action and you will see the ‘send this data to…’ field at the bottom should be passing the data on to whatever screen you like.

Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, it indeed helped me with transfer data to new screen, however as i understand with situation of Butons limited to 1, i will receive only data for one entry ( last one i guess) from collection.

I want ot do this:
On second screen i have two components : Deck Drawer and Slider
Deck Swiper works perfectly and swipe left and right updates correct data entry in collection… but with slider beneath it i want to control value of one data field in collection.

But in this case it only changes value of the last data entry and then ignores every others.

I know the way how to do it with different layout or design … but i just wonder is there a way to use deck Swiper. is there any way to connect slider to swiper so they work on same data input.

But your help with button is great, at least i know how to transwer one data item to another screen with a button.

This was very helpful, Thanks! A pretty clunky workaround, unfortunately, but it worked.

However, I don’t see where I can change the maximum number of items? Where is that?


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