Charging Resteraunts/Vendor via Stripe

Hi, does anyone know how to charge a vendor when they receive a payment over stripe?

You mean a commission based model?

Can it do commission? That’s preferred. Either flat fee or commission.

I am not a stripe expert, but I’d be ineterested to know. However, I would assume, that the easiest way is to have you process the order and then only forward a certain percentage to the restaurant / vendor.

You’d act as an aggregator.

Its not straight forward. We ended up getting an Express account.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

You can charge a commission on every transaction, just put the formula of how much you want to charge on every transaction like 1 or 3% under marketplace section in stripe component.

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Can you send a screenshot of what that would look like? Right now we have a flat fee of $2.50 charged to customers in the stripe section.

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