Where do you input Restaurants Bank Info to Pay them?

Where do you add a restaurants bank info to pay them automatically?

We would like to use: https://www.elavon.com/index.html

Is it compatible with Adalo? I assumed because of the API. But good to double check.

I think it would be a lot easier for you to use Stripe Marketplace Payments I think it’s called, as it’s already built into Adalo and you’re probably using Stripe already too.

Basically you have the restaurant sign up to Stripe, add the Stripe Marketplace component for them to connect to your Stripe with, and then Stripe pays them directly so you don’t have to deal with it.

Yeah but it makes a big GMV difference from processing $50k and up on a $5k profit. If we just show 10-15% profit. It changes qualifications and perception. Even though the eligibility in the math will be the same for merchant programs/other.

So then you need to weigh the expense of Stripe versus the cost of doing the work to fully integrate Adalo with your payment processor

Some assumptions here on cost being higher.

I’d like to focus on the help I need which is where do resteraunts/merchants put their bank info so they get paid. For sake of discussion let’s say stripe thank you!

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