Chart only displaying horizontal line

hi there, I am trying to create a chart for a potty training app. the chart I am looking for has:

  1. y-axis (nr of success or accidents) and 2) x-axis the dates (to see progress over time). Someone posted the same problem a while ago, see here Line Chart with Different Data is Only displaying a Horizontal Line

anyone has a solution? thanks so much!!

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We’ve experienced a whole lot of unpleasant/funky with the charts/graphs item, to the extent that we pulled them out (when they would have made a big difference in our app). Not sure why we had troubles with their reliability, but we too saw a lot of horizontal lines, and date crowding on the X axis was pretty awful. Need a good tutorial and a bit of attention paid to the performance of this widgetry, I think…

thanks for your reply! and glad to hear I am not the only one :slight_smile: A good tutorial would indeed be great!

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