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I know this same topic was created by another user but it is closed and I would like to ask if anyone knows how to enable notifications when a user in messaging apps receives a message from another user.

Hello, in order to do that, your app should be have an android or ios version. Then you can go to your chat screen and add an action the “Send” button, which is “Trigger notification”, and select the user that should receive it and the text of the notification and finally the screen "So if someone clicked on the notification is transferred to this screen ". And now, everything is ready.

Hi, I tried as you told me but I couldn’t and you could be a little more specific in the steps I have to follow. thanks

Yes of course, here are the images step by step:


It doesn’t work for me, I know the reason and that I miss the actions you have, how do you feel that?

You need to publish your app if you want see notifications, it’s don’t work when testing trought the web :slight_smile:

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Do I need an API for this or no?

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No, the Notification system is native on Adalo.
But you need a Google Developper account (25$ one time ) or an Apple Developper ( 99$ per year )

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