How to implement web notifications (new feature)?

Hi all

I saw this Adalo announcement video.

Can someone help me explain how to enable web notifications? Do we have to do the request permission first, then push notification? How to control who receives the notification?

After viewing the video I have gone through the help docs as well. I’m still confused on how permissions work on web apps.

Sharing a step by step workflow will really help.


Just as you would for native app. Make sure your notifications for your browser are getting through in your system settings.

Thanks Rozza.

I tried following the instructions exactly as per help docs. It isn’t working.

I’ve checked system browser notification settings. I ensured I selected a different user to get notification, since the same user who sends message cannot received notification as per docs. I logged in to app from a different device browser altogether as well in a demo chat app. I’m not browser notifications.

That’s why I asked if someone who has implemented it can help with instructions or video.

Based on what you have said I would expect it to work. Indeed when I tested, doing the same it did work.
Adalo will probably catch up with some documentation in a day or two.

You could raise a ticket meanwhile

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