Chat input box is hidden over the keyboard

Why is the chat input box hidden over the keyboard although it works on PWA?

Published on iOS (not working) :

PWA (working) :

Hey @Yuki.O

A few changes I would try…

  • Try with regular input box instead of auto grow
  • Your group has overlapping elements, do not overlap components
  • Be sure the group is anchored to the bottom of your screen
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Hi, sorry about mixing threads.

So, it works with a normal inout box.


Umm, could you explain about it more exactly?
(The image is the one I have changed it with a normal input box though.)

Overlapping means like this?
スクリーンショット 2024-01-03 9.58.51

Yes. But don’t lose sleep over it. I think you defined the problem as the auto grow input box.

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